Professional Growth Grant

Professional Growth Grants are awarded monthly during the academic year to promote professional improvement of teaching and management skills through attendance at seminars, conferences, workshops, and other developmental opportunities.

Grant Cycles

Grants will be awarded monthly during the academic year; no applications are accepted between May 15-August 14. Application submission deadlines are the 15th of the month at least two months prior to an event.


Professional growth can be accomplished using a variety of methods. The school system can provide opportunities for exchange of ideas to occur within our district, bringing in outside expertise to assist. It can occur in summer institutes where teachers and administrators are free of classroom responsibilities. It can also be accomplished by supporting our staff in their affiliation with quality national and regional professional organizations and workshops. The training of local staff who in turn train others within the district has proven also to be an effective technique in professional growth. The use of a combination of these methods can provide options to meet the varying needs of individuals within the framework of the Bartlesville Public School Foundation and its goals for growth.

With respect to training for principals, the emphasis would be to further enhance their instructional and managerial leadership skills. This program would permit principals to hone their skills in various identified ways, which would also be congruent with identified needs of their building, and potentially be an impetus for a new, improved direction for the district.


Click here to view the rubric used to evaluate applications.



Complete the application online via the below online form. You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your application.

Professional Growth Program Application

  • Applicant NameSchool SitePhone NumberPosition 
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    *The first name on the application will be the person responsible for returning all receipts to the Foundation. The Foundation accepts and encourages joint applications; however, at times, not all applicants will be funded. Please prioritize applicant names for funding preference.
  • Professional Growth Opportunity:

  • Accepted file types: pdf, docx, doc.
    *Upload brochure only required if you are not able to provide a link to the professional growth opportunity/event website.
  • (Include objectives such as impact on student learning, improvement of instructional skills, in-service instructional plans, and management skills.)
  • Budget

  • Download and fill out district travel form. Download form here

  • Accepted file types: exe, doc, docx, pdf.

  • Details of budget requests:

    • We do not pay for substitute teachers, mileage from Bartlesville to the Tulsa airport, or parking at the airport.
    • We would appreciate if you could get the lowest airfare as possible.
    • Lodging costs are limited to double occupancy room rates.
    • Meal reimbursement is same as for the district, as stated on the Out of District Travel Reimbursement Claim.
    • Add $25 for transportation from airport to hotel. It will be a personal reimbursement, same as district, receipts will be needed.
    • Mileage reimbursement will be figured according to current IRS travel reimbursement amount, as listed on the BPS travel reimbursement form.
    Please follow all district policies for getting POs and use travel forms the district requires. If awarded a grant, POs shall be coded Project Code 020. You are required to get a Program Code before you turn your POs into the ESC.

  • Lodging Cost Details:

    BCF staff will contact secretary and supervisor/principal to confirm.
  • RQ

    Please upload a copy of the RQ you plan to submit if the grant is approved.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, doc, pdf, docx.