What makes us unique

Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation:

  • Is the only endowment exclusively providing annual supplemental funding to Bartlesville public schools.
  • Works closely with Bartlesville public schools’ leaders to support programs identified to accelerate student success.
  • Provides grants to local educators and recognizes the careers of outstanding teachers.
  • Was created in 1985 to help Bartlesville public schools maximize and improve the quality of education for its students.
  • Is a privately funded, unincorporated affiliate of the Bartlesville Community Foundation
  • Accepts tax-deductible contributions under Bartlesville Community Foundation’s 501(c)3 status.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing financial resources to inspire learning, enrich teaching and create opportunities for the educators and students of Bartlesville public schools.

Executive Director Blair Ellis

Blair Ellis earned her bachelor’s degree from Washington and Lee University in Virginia and her law degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.  She has ten years of experience as an attorney.  Blair and her husband, Chad, moved to Bartlesville from Ithaca, New York, in 2013. Chad is a scientist with Phillips 66.

Blair has been active with the Kane Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, served as a reading tutor, and currently serves on the Bartlesville Community Foundation Board.   She has been a member of the Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation Board since 2016.  During that time, she served in various roles, including secretary, vice chairman, and chairman of the governance committee.


2017-2018 Board of Governors

The Foundation has 19 civic-minded community leaders who oversee its investments. These Governors also review, award and monitor its grants. The Foundation is an excellent vehicle for individuals who value education and choose to invest their charitable dollars to fund creative and innovative instructional practices to build a better future for our students and our community.

The Board meets at the Education Service Center on the first Wednesday of each month.

Not Pictured: Todd Cone, Harry Deathe, Matt Krieger, Brian Lawrence, Janice Leonard, Sonya Reed.


  • Justin Krebbs, Chairman
  • Matt Krieger, Treasurer
  • Jessica Birk, Secretary

Voting members

  • Kay Bjornen
  • Jacqueline Bulleigh
  • Todd Cone
  • Harry Deathe
  • Lesley Farr
  • Sara Freeman
  • Brian Lawrence
  • Janice Leonard
  • Sonya Reed
  • Brian Saltzman
  • Thad Satterfield
  • Frankie Sievers
  • Sheila Stephenson

Non-voting member

  • Chuck McCauley, Superintendent, Bartlesville public schools
  • Alison Clark, Bartlesville public schools board member
  • Kristin Flick, Bartlesville public schools Teacher of the Year