Vision health is essential to our students’ ability to be successful in the classroom and beyond.  Starting August 2022, the BPS Foundation will be offering supplemental support to the Bartlesville Public Schools in their efforts to make sure no student’s learning abilities are hindered by inadequate vision.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Vision Advancement Foundation, BPSF will provided funding for:

  • An additional vision screening camera for our school nurses to conduct eye exams with minimal disruption to the school day
  • Eye exams, conducted by local eye doctors
  • Glasses when needed
  • Other vision-health related needs

Accessibility to a no-cost vision screening at school, a follow up eye exam with a local doctor as needed and at a minimum, one pair of glasses for the year, is crucial to the vision health of all Bartlesville students – especially those who could not otherwise afford these resources. Early detection of issues like myopia and other vision problems is essential to students’ health, quality of life, and academic success.  No one wants our students’ ability to learn hindered by vision challenges students could overcome with the right resources.

BPS Staff: Apply for Bruin Vision Here

Note: Funding requests must be approved by your school site’s nurse and District Nurse Lisa Foreman before submission to the BPS Foundation.  Upon approval of your request, the BPS Foundation will reach out to you to confirm plans for disbursing funds.

Facts About the Relationship Between Vision and Learning: 

  • One out of four children struggle with reading and learning because of undiagnosed vision problems.
  • It is estimated that over 60% of problem learners have undiagnosed vision problems.
  • 80% of learning in the classroom is visual.
  • The majority of the vision problems that interfere with reading and learning are very treatable.
  • Seeing clearly (“20/20”) is just one of 17 visual skills critical to academic success.