Our Bartlesville public schools district is shaped as much by the students who have passed through the halls in prior years as the students that walk them today.  Our alumni are scientists, teachers, artists, engineers, parents, world travelers, writers, physicians, lawyers, professors, and so much more than that…they are all part of our BPS family!

Being part of this family, we all share something – we love Bartlesville public schools and are proud of our schools’ role in our success!

With that common bond, we want our alumni to stay connected to our schools and our community.  In an effort to do this, the Foundation is establishing an alumni association.  We plan to issue E-newsletters to keep alumni up to date on District and alumni news as well as alumni activities and opportunities to give back.

Our first step is establishing an alumni database.  Please use the link below to join our alumni database. We encourage BPS alumni and parents of BPS alumni to complete this form.

Join our BPS Alumni Database

Would you like to give back to BPS?

Share your contact information, college, or other post-secondary institution, employer, and/or career field with us and we’ll pass it on to our Bartlesville High School counselors using the form above (only with your permission).  If counselors have a student interested in your alma mater or career field, they will reach out to you to discuss how you could help that student. (Your information will not be shared with students unless you specifically authorize it).

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