Local chemists continue partnership with BPS Foundation to support science education across Bartlesville, committing $5,000 for grants in 2019-2020

“Hands-on science,” is how 1,500 students in Bartlesville public schools were challenged to explore concepts and find answers this past year.  In support of that challenge, the Northern Oklahoma section of the American Chemical Society (NOKACS), partnered with the Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation (BPS Foundation), to award five science education grants totaling $4,080 in the 2018-19 school year.


Three of the grants were awarded to Bartlesville High School (BHS) teachers, including a $650 grant to BHS teacher, Sandra Cloud.  Students in Ms. Cloud’s Advanced Placement, Honors and Chemistry I classes received calorimeters to complete thermodynamic labs. The grant allowed students to test, measure, and collect data – essential skills to develop when studying chemistry.


One science grant, benefitting elementary students, combined art and science.  Art can reinforce scientific and mathematical ideas in students as early as first grade. Firing pottery in a kiln is an innovative approach Hoover Elementary teacher,  Lea Burke, presented in her grant request for $2,770. Over 600 students at Hoover Elementary and the district-wide GATE (gifted and talented) program used the kiln to make pottery and watched extreme heat change the clay through a calcination process.


Looking toward to a third year partnering with the Foundation, NOKACS Chairman Chad Ellis said, “this partnership makes it easy for us to advance one of our strategic initiatives – strengthening local science education.  We value supporting passionate teachers and have committed to funding $5,000 in science grants for the 2019-20 school year. These grants will be available to teachers at all grade levels in the Bartlesville public schools.”

NOKACS promotes science in northern Oklahoma by supporting annual outreach activities such as the Bartlesville Science Fair, National Chemistry Week, Energy Days, the National Chemistry Olympiad, grants to local schools and libraries, and awards for student achievement. 


The BPS Foundation is a privately funded non-profit providing financial resources to inspire learning, enrich teaching and create opportunities for educators and students of Bartlesville public schools. Visit bpsfoundation.org for more information about these grants.