Arvest Foundation Contributes $15,000 to Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation

By Stevie Williams, Marketing Manager, Arvest Bank

The Arvest Foundation recently announced a $15,000 donation to Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation (BPS Foundation), whose mission is to provide financial resources, cultivate community partnerships, and celebrate achievements to engage students, empower teachers, and enrich learning within the school district.

The funds from the donation will be used for child care support for teachers. With teacher recruitment and retention recognized as a continuing challenge for public schools

across the country, state, and locally, Bartlesville Public Schools (BPS) provides innovative benefits for its teachers. This initiative was first offered in August 2023, adding tremendous value to BPS and having a positive impact on teacher recruitment and retention.

Arvest local bank president David Nickel and Arvest Wealth Management trust officer Aaron Tesavis presented the check to Blair Ellis, executive director of BPS Foundation and to Chuck McCauley, superintendent of Bartlesville Public Schools, as well as the BPS board of directors at the March BPS monthly board meeting.

“We see the valuable impact education has on a community,” said Nickel. “It is an honor to present this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to support the mission of Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation in advancing quality education in Bartlesville public schools.”

“We are grateful to have the continued support from the Arvest Foundation again this year,” said Ellis. “Because the childcare benefit has had such a positive impact on teacher recruitment and retention, BPS plans to increase its support of the initiative in the 2024-2025 school year. The childcare discount offered to certified staff will increase from 20% to 50%.  This additional commitment will necessitate support from community partners like the Arvest Foundation.”