Classroom Grant

Grant Cycles

Grants will be awarded twice each year and are available to BPS certified educators (teachers, counselors, librarians, principals, or department heads). Grants fund new and innovative approaches to education that develop or supplement programs to stimulate thought and/or expand the existing curriculum. Application deadlines are October 15 and January 23 (or the following work day if these dates fall on a weekend or holiday).  Approximately 50% of the available funds may be awarded at each cycle.


  1. Grants are available to any certified employee within the Bartlesville Public School System. The grants can be made to individuals or teams.  When a team approach is used, the team must have a leader who is responsible for the grant and is a member of the Bartlesville Public School System.
  2. Grants will be given for new and innovative approaches to education that develop or supplement programs that stimulate thought and/or build upon the existing curriculum. Grants will be given for ideas that: are proven but have a new approach to implementation or usage; are proven; build on existing approaches.
  3. Grants can be requested that span multiple years but must be resubmitted for review and approval each year. It is a goal of the foundation to have the school system incorporates successful grant programs into the curriculum.  We realize that some ideas take time to prove and/or implement.
  4. The Foundation WILL NOT fund building improvements, core curriculum or teacher/student compensation.
  5. Grants will only be accepted on the approved application.


Guidelines Used to Judge Grant Applications

  1. The 3 E’s
    Does this grant enhance, enrich or expand the curriculum? Is it a new, innovative or creative approach to teaching/learning at the site? Does it build on an existing program?
  2. Need
    Does the grant clearly define the need for this idea/program? Is the need validated with studies, test scores, teacher observations, etc.? Is it explained how this idea, program, item will address the need? (Please remember, this cannot be a basic curriculum need.)
  3. Quality
    What is the overall quality of the grant? Was the grant idea, project, or concept clear? Were the application questions answered by the writer? When an evaluator finishes reading the grant is he or she “sold” on the idea? Was he or she excited about the project? Was he or she convinced it was worthy of funding?
  4. Reach
    How many students will be affected over how many years? What is the dollar-to-student ratio? This criteria is the least important of the four and is used mainly in the case of a tie.

Click here to view the rubric used to evaluate applications.


Complete the application online via the below online form. You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your application.

Classroom Grants Application

  • *Please indicate team leader responsible for questions and paperwork.
  • Narrative

    Using no more than two typed pages of Times New Roman 12pt. font, answer the following questions then upload below. The grant review process is anonymous. Please do not include your name(s) or the name of your site on this part of the application.
    1. Project Title
    2. Date
    3. Give a one-paragraph description of the project.
    4. Explain the major needs the project addresses.
    5. Approximately how many students will be affected by this project, both directly and indirectly? Include grade level and curriculum area of the students.
    6. Detail your budget request. Include specific information such as kinds of materials and equipment, sources of supply, and costs. Include tax (if applicable) and shipping. Be specific; these are the only items which will be authorized for purchase. Your budget should have three columns: item, supplier, and cost.
    7. Total Amount Requested
  • Accepted file types: pdf, docx, doc.
  • Download Signature Page

    Download the signature page from the link above. Once you have collected the necessary signatures, scan and upload below.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, doc, pdf, docx.
  • RQ

    Please upload a copy of the RQ you plan to submit if the grant is approved.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, doc, pdf, docx.